What kind of Wonder are we?

The Wonder Room started in December 2019 as a Pop-Up Project in Neo Psychiko, Athens.

The selection of all products without exception was done exclusively with experiential criteria and "market research" the results of which emerged after endless hours of discussion in the classic meeting points of parents.


Each of our products is tested and reliable while all have a common denominator, the special aesthetics. This I believe is also the reason why all these products are popular with both children and parents.


The product mix of Wonder Room includes the most innovative and up-and-coming eco-friendly products for children and parents from all over the world. Equally important for us are the Greek brands that we host made with creativity and love by new female entrepreneurs.


The continuous and daily response to our project, made us evolved into a separate shopping destination in our physical space in Psychiko and we hope to achieve the same with the online presence of Wonder Room. The Wonder Room site was created to function not only as an e-shop but as a platform which we hope will evolve into a community of exchanging views.

We will soon be hosting articles by experts on issues that concern parents and children. Our goal is to create a Wonder Room family, whose members will communicate, stay informed and support each other.

Thank you for your support, all of us who work at Wonder Room are looking forward to your comments and suggestions. 

Our commitment is to continue as we started… focusing on the needs of children through the instinct of their parents


Regina Kouri

and The Wonder Room Team